My family has built our lives on faith in God in Jesus Christ which results in a deep and abiding respect for human life created in God’s image. We reject any ideology or product connected to or tainted by the scourge of abortion. The so-called Covid “vaccines” were developed with or were test by using biological tissue derived from human babies murdered by abortion. (I say “vaccines” because this is another example of the post-modern pattern to redefine or misappropriate language — think “marriage” “rainbow” or “gender” for other examples.)

Yes, even the so-called “safe” mRNA injections developed by Moderna or Pfizer used aborted fetal cell materials in the testing for these products. I could never go against conscience to protect my own life (worse, from a threat with a mere 99%+ survival rate!) by using a product tainted by the murderous abortion business no matter how remote the connection. Yes, the connection with abortion is deemed slight by some, but electively aborted (that is murdered) babies contribute to this medical product (see here for instance, or here for a far more nuanced statement from Catholic bishops). Yes, the connection may be remote enough for the bishops to say it is so negligible as to allow people of faith to participate and take the injection. But for decades I have been clear that any medical intervention compromised at any point by abortion would be rejected by me, even if it meant my loss of life. Long ago the medical community touted the use of aborted fetal stem cells as the portent of break through technologies for such things as Parkinson’s (even though stem cells harvested from healthy adults are just as effective and scandal-free). I said then, and say now that I will not — my conscience tells me “cannot” — use such products.

I understand and respect the decisions made by many believing friends and loved ones who see this issue differently than I do. I know many who have participated in the so-called “vaccine” — some for pragmatic reasons of travel or employment, others for the sake of endangered elderly loved ones, still others because they live with compromised immune systems and live at a higher risk. I do not condemn others for their choices made in good conscience. But I hope these folks also understand and respect my deeply held convictions.  Not so apparently Mr. Biden and the forces of progressive government. 

Biden’s scolding and governmental pressure tactics be damned! Some of us have long and deeply-held conscientious objections to such medical products and will not, indeed cannot, participate in his quest for victory over Covid — a victory he seems determined to gain by trampling the rights, liberties, and consciences of millions of Americans like me.  

I will not be cowed. I will not be shamed. I will not be made to fear reprisal or societal marginalization for the sake of conscience and faith. As someone purportedly once said, “Here I stand; I can do no other. So help me God.”