Perhaps you have heard the taped interview with a D.C. policeman this week. He feared for his life when thugs sought to over-run him at the Capitol. They were clawing at his uniform, took his badge, ammo clips and were struggling for his gun. In desperation he cried out that he had kids and didn’t want to die. Some people came to his aid and shielded him from further assault.

So his comment at the end was something like, “So looking back, I am grateful those people saved me, . . . but f— you for being there.” Hmmmm, seems the cursing of someone’s very presence somewhat negates any expression of gratitude. Perhaps he needs to remember that, if there were a million people in D.C., 999,000 were calm, respectful, American-loving patriots, expressing the God-given and American-enshrined right to gather and speak and protest.

“F— you for being there” . . . never heard any official or law enforcement officer say that to any protesters all of 2020. More of the confused thinking that characterizes our times.

But on a lighter note, a young colleague tells me this morning that podiatrists are quite busy these days. Seems Covid-restricted Americans are breaking toes at a record rate by walking around the house bare-footed. One of the most common causes? Dropping full wine bottles on their toes.

Somethings to watch out for, right?

Have a great Friday. It was 12 years ago this Friday, January 15 that Sully made that heroic and miraculous Hudson River landing. Wow that was a fast dozen years!