Pop and Jessica.12.12It happened again last night – God surprised me through my wordless daughter, Jessica. God got me to pay attention to what He was saying because of her laughter.

If you have never heard Jessica laugh, . . . well, it will be hard to describe it – and it’s almost impossible to capture on video because it’s so unpredictable. Her laugh is as purely innocent as anything in my experience. Whether it is a giggle with a smile, or a full-throated belly laugh so deep that she audibly needs to suck air back in, her laugh is at once heart-lifting and (mysteriously for me) heart breaking.

Jessica loves music. Her response to melody and harmony validates what some people say: that music is the language of (or at least speaks to) the soul. Last night at a local meeting of Boost (see: http://www.liftdisability.net/boost/), the UCF Glee Club came as guests to sing. Jessica loved it: she smiled, giggled, and danced in her chair. After the Glee Club finished, we worshiped at bit. It wasn’t polished or fancy, the singing wasn’t stellar (though the Glee Club kids stayed and contributed!). But at a certain point, Jessica began to laugh – that deep belly laugh. The song was “Cornerstone” and every time we came to the chorus, at the end of the first line, she would erupt again into her laughter throughout the chorus. Check out the words:

“Christ alone; cornerstone
Weak made strong; in the Savior’s love
Through the storm, He is Lord,
Lord of all.”

That got my attention. I had to stop singing the words and listen . . . I needed to listen to Jessica’s laughter and to the words! Jesus is the cornerstone. He brings balance and stability to weaker beings resting on Him. My weakness is addressed in Jesus’ love for me – no matter what the circumstance: raging storm, soft singing rain, or refreshing moist quiet of a morning’s sunshine. Thanks again, Jessica. God continues to use you to speak. Yes, He hardly ever does things the way we would expect.

Jessica Labor Day weekend 2010