Sometimes God brings certain words to bear at just the right moment. This morning was one of those times. We at The Geneva School are a week from starting the academic year — gratefully with a record near-500 students — and the pace is frenetic. And this morning, I am speaking to the 50-some faculty members as we begin our day with worship.

And I am tired.

At this time of year, I am usually cranked up, ready to go, excited about the prospect of the new year. But for whatever reason, I am tired.

Then I heard Phil Keaggy’s song “Chalice” on the way in early this morning. And the heart turns. Oh, make no mistake, I am still tired; but I am gratefully reminded that God is up to something much bigger than merely my own stamina or comfort. And that is a good thing to remember as the things of the day press in.

“Suffering restores us, burns away the empty shallowness; softening the heart to be broken bread and poured out wine. When it rains it pours; and our lives become a chalice . . .”

Ah, that’s what God is doing! I was reminded of my college years when in ceramics class I threw a couple of meager chalices. I may just bring one into my office this fall to remind me in the midst of things of God’s bigger designs. Better to be an open chalice ready to be poured out, than to be a well-sealed, spill-proof container.

Here is a good rendition of Phil’s song: