So, part of our family was away last week at “camp” — we spent the week at Lake Yale (from where the masthead pic on this blog came last year!) participating in “Breakaway” the disability family retreat sponsored by our friends at Lift Disability Network.

It was great to have Mary come this year, and even more cool to have Shoshanah and Josiah serve on the “crew” as helpers for families. But perhaps most fun was that Jessica joined us for the week. It took a lot of logistical planning (transportation, medicines, food, and care planning), but it worked.

Jessica had a great time – enjoying the music and people, a fun-filled, laughter-filled boat ride (first time!), a long, relaxing swim in the pool, and all the other events (a “starry night dance,” ice cream social, “messy games” and so much more).

But more surprising was her impact on others. She never says a word – she just shows up – and people are affected. Numerous people on the crew testified to her impact on their lives. One was asked about the most important part of the week. This person said one word: “Jessica.” Now I have to admit, that it puzzles me – but it shouldn’t because I often tell people that God hardly ever does things the way we expect and He almost never uses the people we think He would use to achieve His ends. He is in the business of using those more often over-looked, rejected, and marginalized by the culture to achieve His plans.

We saw this truth again this week with Jessica. Searching my own blog, I see that I wrote something kind of similar back in January – but it has been worth noting again. The young lady continues to surprise me with her silent impact on her world. Thanks be to God!