Today I finally visited Blue Springs — 22 years in Florida, and I finally made it the 45 minutes up the road to see — what’s the description? — the most productive? the most watery? . . . well the spring that gushes forth the most water each day in Florida: something like 100 million gallons.

And it is a quiet place! After walking the 1/3 mile boardwalk to the head of the spring, there was the pool. Still and silent — until you begin to see the subtle ripples on the surface that betray the fact that millions of gallons of water each hour are pouring forth from the cavern at the pool’s center. And this time of year, there are the gentle giants — the manatees. Today’s manatee count: more than 120. We saw several dozen, some right below us.

Not only were they quiet — they were not in a hurry. I can learn from these creatures! It reminded me of a quote I saw recently from my friend Randy Greenwald which he took from J.B. Phillip’s book Your God is too Small:

If there is one thing which should be quite plain to those who accept the revelation of God in Nature and the Bible it is that He is never in a hurry. Long preparation, careful planning, and slow growth, would seem to be leading characteristics of spiritual life.

Yet there are many people whose religious tempo is feverish. With a fine disregard for its context they flourish like a banner the text “The King’s business requireth haste,” and proceed to drive themselves and their followers nearly mad with tension and anxiety!

It is refreshing and salutary, to study the poise and quietness of Christ. His task and responsibility might well have driven a man out of his mind. But He was never in a hurry, never impressed by numbers, never a slave of the clock. He was acting, He said, as He observed God to act—never in a hurry (pages 55, 56).

Indeed. I need to slow down — praying this Christmas season will be a time to slow down, find quiet, rest, relax, rejuvenate, and renew. Hoping the same for you as well.